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Join D’Artagnan as he arrives in France to see his Auntie Anne. He meets Captain Treville and The Musketeers. At the request of his Auntie Anne the Queen, D'Artagnan becomes a Musketeer much to the annoyance of  Captain Treville.


Dame Baguette has moved to Paris to take over the Mange Tout tavern and has brought with her Constance, her daughter who is going to work as a maid for the Queen at the palace


The King commands the Musketeers to travel to England to collect a special package for him. This sets the Musketeers up on a quest to journey to England and retrieve the package whilst trying to foil the evil attempts of Cardinal Richelieu and his Hench People who will stop at nothing to capture the package and do away with the Musketeers.

Will The Musketeers retrieve the package? Will D'Artagnan find love? Will Dame Baguette keep everyone together or will Cardinal Richelieu and his Hench People come out on top?


This classic tale will be brimming with comedy, slapstick and everything you would want and expect from a traditional Clavering family pantomime and of course plenty to keep the audience booing and cheering!!!

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