Arthur has grown up never knowing that he is heir to the throne of Camelot and enjoys living a simple life in Clavering being cared for Sir Ector and his son Lancelot. Next door lives Dame Galoris and her daughter Guinevere, who is sure that Arthur does not like her.

      Prince Bulgaria has ruled Camelot since his brother had died, but has been bewitched by his evil daughter Morgana, who has set her sights on ruling the Kingdom and will stop at nothing to find her cousin Arthur and make sure he does not take the throne.

      Merlin, the wise old wizard of Camelot was entrusted to keep the late King’s son safe until he turned 18 and was able to take his place as King. Unfortunately he has become very forgetful as he has got older and cannot remember exactly who he entrusted him to. Searching the land, he organises a tournament to reveal exactly where Arthur is.


     Will Merlin find Arthur and get him to enter the tournament? Will Arthur take the throne, declare his love for Guinevere and rule Camelot with his loyal friends?

     This classic tale will be brimming with comedy, slapstick and everything you would want and expect from a traditional Clavering family pantomime and of course plenty to keep the audience booing and cheering!!!

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